Rough and dirty Kinbaku Photography

Photography was in my life much before Kinbaku was. I started with film, diapositives actually, and travel photography.   This was 1998. When I started with Kinbaku, initially I was torn between my roles as rigger and photographer. Handling this two sides seemed to lead to both mediocre rope and photography.

But, provoked by the fact that I had the privilege to participate on both workshops on “Aesthetics of Kinbaku” Sugiura Norio Sensei gave in 2018/2019 in Copenhagen I decided to give it a trial once again. Witnessing Sensei planning the shoot and watching him taking pictures taught me a lot. I saw how meticulus he controls the light, how carefully he composes the story behind the picture. Here and here are two articles where I reflect on this experience.

So, this page is dedicated to my work as both rigger and photographer.

My vision, my bondage, my light – my rules! Enjoy!

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